We’re Bombas

It sounds simple, but putting on clean, comfortable clothing every day is a powerful thing. With the help of our customers and Giving Partners, we wanted to offer new, clean clothes to everyone who needs them. So we created the most comfortable socks, underwear, and t-shirts we could imagine. And for every clothing item you purchase, a clothing item of the same kind is donated to those experiencing homelessness.


Make A Purchase, Make A Difference

Our mission since day one has been to help those experiencing homelessness. That’s why for every item you purchase, we donate an item on your behalf. We thought this was a pretty good idea. Turns out a lot of other people did, too. We’ve donated more than 100 million items to more than 3,500 community organizations to date—all thanks to supporters like you.

Quality Obsessed

We spent years in R&D, so you can spend years wearing your Bombas. Each item we make is rigorously tested for comfort and durability, and we’re constantly looking for more ways to innovate and improve. Because the better your clothes are, the better you feel when doing, well, just about anything.

We Sweat The Small Stuff

Small things matter. They add up. Then, they turn into big things. So we took the time to pinpoint all the small issues with socks and t-shirts: the painful toe seams; annoying pilling; no shows that slip. You name it, we found it. Then we tweaked and tweaked until we reached total perfection.

100% Happiness Guaranteed

We like you. Is it too soon to say that? We care so much about your happiness that we hired a bunch of the best, nicest, most awesome human beings we could find to help with anything you need. We call them the Bombas Customer Happiness Team, and they’re your go-to when you need a recommendation, a refund, or just a reason to smile. Seriously, reach out. Even just to say hi.

Read more about the impact your donations have made in our first ever Impact Report.